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Dental surgeons also fit dental prosthesis such as crowns or caps, veneers, bridges, implants, and dentures. Those prostheses, particularly dentures, must be fitted surgically to a patient. Aesthetics aside, dental surgeons do "real" filthy surgical operations such as apicoectomy, or the removal of a portion of the bone structure

Dental Surgeon

Although he may have had additional training, a dental surgeon is essentially a dentist who specialises in sophisticated dental operations.

If you're like most people, you probably believe that dentists are just useful for cleaning teeth and fitting dental prosthesis, but as you can see from the list above, they're also trained to undertake surgical dental operations. A doctor, like any other domain of medicine, must decide if you require any of the operations listed above before performing them on you.

The extraction of impacted wisdom teeth is an another typical surgical dental surgery. It may appear that tooth extraction is a straightforward procedure, but it is not. It entails obtaining x-rays of your teeth before slicing through the gum tissue to remove impacted teeth.

Teeth that are impacted are those that are lodged between the jawbone and the gum tissue. The majority of impacted teeth are third molars or wisdom teeth, and they occur when the jaw is not broad enough to support the tooth's appearance.

Most people only need one tooth removed; however, some people have severe problems and require removal of all of their wisdom teeth. You will require severe anaesthesia if this occurs and all of your teeth must be extracted at the same time.

Depending on the region of the tooth, a dentist may be able to simply take it out whole or may need to chop it into tiny pieces to make removal simpler. This is especially true in the case of an impacted tooth that is inclined

or angled. The dental operations that involve the roots and pulp of the teeth are perhaps the most prevalent. Root canals, pulpotomy (opening the pulp chamber to remove an infection), and pulpectomy (removing the pulp from a tooth's pulp chamber) are examples of these procedures. Apicoectomy is another operation that deals with the roots and pulp of the teeth. For those with severe oral illnesses, the procedures listed above may not be sufficient. A dental surgeon may need to do a root-end resection, which entails surgically removing the unhealthy material from the apex of a tooth.


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